What if Goku was sent to Beerus’s planet

Narrative wise Goku could be sent to Beerus’s planet because Bardock was planning to send Goku to a planet with a weak power level, and since god Ki which is present within Beerus and Whis, Bardock could have mistaken it to be a very weak planet or an isolated planet with nourishing vegetation perfect for a weak baby Goku. When Goku reaches Beerus’s planet obviously Beerus being Beerus he will rage if a baby just crash lands on his planet, However after finding out that Goku is a sayain because of Whis checking Goku’s past using his staff, Beerus would ask Whis to train him, as Beerus was searching for a rival,and since gods of destructions arent allowed to fight each other, Beerus knowing about the super sayain god at that time would let Whis train Goku to achieve super sayain god and then go to sleep, However in opinion when Beerus wakes up he’ll be facing a nigh-omnipotent Goku.